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This project, a collaboration with book artist Kalmia Strong, completed in October 2012, consists of three separate, but interrelated books. For this work, I was interested in exploring how books are typically viewed, in finding different ways to encourage slowness in audience participation, and in constructing an experience that reevaluates how we generally use and regard still imagery in our contemporary digital culture. I included images that are not conventional subjects of photographs, nor even necessarily objects of our attention. In an effort to create an experience in which the viewer would be compelled to linger on each page, I explored ways to exert in print media the influence over pacing and temporal perception that I control in time-based media.

The first book juxtaposes stills from moving video with text in order to create a space in which the reader spends time unraveling the connections between words and image. The second book contains successive images shot from the window of a moving car, primarily displayed as triptychs. The third book features stills from 16mm color film, most of which are extreme close-ups of exterior stucco walls, prompting the reader to pay close attention to the formal qualities of each image in order to connect it to the images that precede and follow.

This project was commissioned by Iowa City’s PUBLIC SPACE ONE GALLERY for their Iowa City Community Supported Art (ICCSA) project.